Healthy weight loss using HCG drops works fast and is now available in Redlands, California.

Placing HCG drops under the tongue three times a day while eating a reduced calorie diet results in a slimmer healthier you. Since the development by Dr. Simeons in the 1950's, thousands of people have had successful weight loss results. Our system includes the hcg drops, delicious recipes, tips for success, Progress trackers and personal support.

Why have others used the HCG Diet in Redlands, California?

  • A safe quick way to lose unwanted lbs.
  • Health benefits of not being overweight
  • Easy to follow
  • Eat healthy foods

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Tired of "miracle" diets that make you feel so deprived, you immediately rebound and gain back everything you just lost?

We've been there too, and that's why we're so excited to offer you this diet system, one that we have personally used to find success. Finally, a diet system that actually works--permanently! You've seen them all-"as seen on t.v."-"miracle" diets and dangerous pills, quacky techniques and exercise programs promising to "melt fat" now. But have you seen one that really worked?

Most of these techniques and cures simply can not work-they are too exhausting, draining, and cost way too much-in time and money. What results there are don't measure up to what's been promised and don't provide any permanent solutions.

In an ideal world, losing weight really would be easy-you wouldn't feel hungry-there would be no demanding exercise routine to try to squeeze into your busy schedule. Instead, imagine a chemical occurring naturally in the human body-one that would cause you to rapidly shed pounds-an average of 1/2 to 1 lb. a day! For some people, even more!

With the HCG Quick Loss Plus Diet System, your dreams become reality.

What is HCG?

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG), is a natural substance (glycoprotein) which circulates through pregnant women in large quantities. HCG  is the key the body uses to instruct the hypothalamus to unlock the abnormal fat deposits and make that energy available to the developing fetus.  The HCG does this without affecting the required amount of structural and reserve fat.

While pregnant women produce massive quantities of HCG, for those not pregnant, a tiny dose of HCG, when taken in conjunction with a specific eating plan produces a similar release of the energy stored in abnormal fat. In the HCG Quick Loss Plus System, this tiny amount is administered in oral drops.

The tiny amount of HCG in the drops is sufficient to to release the energy stored in your unwanted fat cells (abnormal fat only, not your needed reserve or structural fat). This energy in these fat cells feeds into your system and adequately meets the needs your body has to be supplied with approximately 3000 calories per day (with HCG 2500 come from your abnormal fat). Because the HCG releases these extra calories, you seldom even feel hungry while following your eating plan.

It is important you realize the role HCG plays in releasing these fat stores. Low calorie diets on their own cannot release those abnormal fat cells, consequently, your body begins to feed on your needed reserve and structural fat cells, and even your muscles.  Low calorie diets without HCG are not healthy, and can be dangerous!

Why HCG Drops?

HCG can be administered orally, by injection, by a nasal spray, or even in a gel meant to pass the HCG through the skin. All of these solutions can be very costly, and down right uncomfortable (who likes an injection, really-or snuffing liquids up their nose?). HCG drops are just as effective, much cheaper, and painless.

HCG has been used as a safe weight loss method since the 1950's, still, we recommend you consult with a medical professional prior to beginning the HCG Protocol.

What is the HCG Diet protocol?

The HCG diet was discovered by a British endocrinologist working first in India, then in Rome. While in India, Dr. A.T.W. Simeons  discovered the affects of HCG on weight loss. Later, in Rome, he perfected his protocol for creating sustained weight loss, and wrote a manuscript called Pounds and Inches describing his methods.

The protocol consists ofdaily HCG administration in conjunction with a daily caloric intake of 500 calories. The remaining 2500 calories your body requires come from the abnormal fat cells the HCG enables your body to turn into energy. While 500 calories sounds like you would starve, those extra calories from your released abnormal fat really make themselves felt. Believe us, you can often feel over-full after one of your meals, and the feeling may last for hours.

Since the 1950's many thousands of people (including us) have followed this protocol to achieve lasting weight loss. You can too!

How Long Does it Take?

In a nutshell, the protocol follows a 23 day to 6 week program. The first two days of the diet are spent on "fat-loading", in conjunction with the HCG drops. This is necessary to build up the supply of fat in your blood, while the HCG is building in your system so you do not feel hungry when you first begin the protocol. The last three days, you do not take HCG, but you do continue your very low calorie (VLC) diet.

The last phase of the protocol is called Maintenance. You do not take HCG, and you can consume a normal quantity of calories, but the types of foods you eat need to be strictly regulated for three weeks. Specifically, you should not eat any starches or sugars. This allows your body to settle into your new weight. Deviation from this course can result in rapid weight gains. In the second stage of maintenance (three weeks), you should reintroduce starches and sugars into your diet gradually. If you follow the protocol carefully, your weight loss will indeed be permanent.

If you feel ready to lose more weight after your six weeks of maintenance, you can begin the protocol again. The weight loss is so dramatic and exciting, chances are, you will want to! When you have reached your weight loss goal, you can eat a normal, healthy diet, without fear of a rebound!

You have Arrived!

Discovering the HCG Quick Loss Plus System has given you an advantage you've never had before. Now you know that your weight loss goals are possible. You can do it! Let us help you achieve permanent weight loss you keep off for life, and make your dreams reality!

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